Fit Feature: Terri Taylor-Farris, of Lansing

Terri Taylor-Farris, 60, of Lansing, is a retired mom and grandmother who three years ago lost her parents to cancer. When that happened, she began to make positive changes in her lifestyle.

“I began reading health books, listening to wellness friends on how to eat and live healthier,” she said. “I watched a movie entitled ‘War Room.’ It changed my life. I secretly created my own war room in a small closet in my home. I can read, write and ‘go to war’ in that room. Marked with many bible verses, that room has helped me morph into a new me.”

For Taylor-Farris, fitness has always been a passion. She said she likes aerobics, cycling, golfing and running. However, she said she still felt weak and wanted to make a change. At a fitness class, she met an 81-year-old female bodybuilder and asked her how she could be more fit. She was told she had to change her diet.

“I changed my diet by designing my own garden filled with fresh produce, herbs, spices and many peppers,” she said. “I drink lots of protein and water. I also recommend a shot of Wheatgrass which helps me with the aching joints and muscles.  My meat intake is limited.”

She said since she started her new diet two years ago, and her body has changed for the better.

“The distribution of my weight changed and I look stronger, happier and more confident,” she said. “People ask me about my secret and try to guess my age. Let’s just say they guess very low!”

She’s been so happy with her results she plans to enter a bodybuilding bikini competition. “Consistency, being stress-free, believing in yourself, goal setting and fervent prayer are a must if you want to succeed,” she said.


Interview by Kimberly Whitfield. She is the owner of Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength. Visit her on the web at for a list of her classes. 


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