Fit Feature: Samantha Medved

Samantha Medved, 20, is a Michigan State Student who has found her passion for health after working at a nursing facility in East Lansing.

“I realized I was very passionate about interacting with the residents and helping them get better,” she said. “After I graduate I hope to get accepted into a physical therapy program and eventually be able to make a career as a physical therapist helping people like the residents I work with now.”

Medved said she uses workouts to de-stress from school. She said it’s been a blessing. “I instantly noticed an improvement in my mood, energy, and stress levels,” she said. “Beyond getting stronger and physically healthier, I keep working out because it’s an hour every day where I don’t have to worry about anything other than my work out, and I always walk out of the gym in a great mood.”

She said she alternates her workouts by focusing on different muscle groups and activities. She said she struggles with eating healthy (like all college students) but is focusing on making sure to eat healthy snacks and food when she can.

“Right now my main priority is improving my diet because, as I’ve started kicking the junk food habits and making sure I’m eating enough nutritious food, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my physical abilities,” she said. “Getting into a fitness routine has made me a far more productive person.  I used to think that running was the only way to get in shape and live a healthy life. It wasn’t until I mucked up the nerve to try weightlifting that I found my passion for exercise.”

Her advice for those looking to get fit:  “Everyone in that gym was a beginner at some point, and they honestly couldn’t care less about how much you can lift,” she said. “I promise you, if you walk into your gym for the first time today, everything’s going to be okay.”


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