Fit Feature: Jessica Walter, of Lansing

Two miscarriages forced Jessica Walter, 32, of Lansing, to evaluate her unhealthy lifestyle and how she could correct it. Walter and her husband of two and a half years have been trying to conceive a child. Walter said she had an obsession with running that put a terrible strain on her body, as well as a diet that didn’t include enough healthy fats.

“My doctor prescribed progesterone to help prevent future miscarriages, and I researched what causes the body to not have enough,” she said. “I found that I wasn’t getting nearly enough fat in my diet, and was doing too many excessive workouts. I knew a baby was not going to happen for us until I made some changes. My body required that I adopt a new mindset.”

She said she now makes sure to eat the number of fats that her body requires. “I’ve been eating eggs, nuts, and peanut butter,” she said. Instead of grueling runs that were long and fast, she’s toned down workouts to include elliptical work, weights, and videos.

“There has to be a balance,” she said. “I miss running, but I know it’s my weakness in that I don’t just jog. I run and run far and fast. Right now, that’s not good for me with my goal of motherhood.”

She said she wanted to tell her story so that others can learn from her choices. “Your body tells you when something is wrong,” she said. “I chose not to listen for years and am now paying the price. It will improve, though. I already see a difference in my energy level and even the quality of my skin and hair.”


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