2018 Readers’ Choice: Ryan Haughey

Making sure he understands and thus is able to help his clients meet their personal goals is what motivates Ryan Haughey, 29, of Mason. Haughey is the fitness manager and personal trainer at the University Club Fitness Center and Spa. 

“I feel that it is very important to understand what the client wants,” he said. “I determine client success based on goals established in our initial meeting, and testing every six weeks. Goals can be a reduction in percent body fat, an improved joint range of motion, increased strength in certain movements, or other discussed targets. A practical and rewarding measure of success is hearing a client describe how they are able to do an everyday task that they thought they would never do again, or not be able to do with as much ease, as a result of their fitness workouts.”

He said one-on-one relationships with his clients keep him motivated. “While understanding client limitations, like injuries, ailments or other movement restrictions, I want to make sure they know I can help them,” he said. “I will never ask anyone to do something I haven’t done before.”

He said he never wants to stop learning, either.

“My goal, as a trainer, is to continue to expand my knowledge and experience so that I can respond to the needs of any client, giving them the richest possible experience, he said. “I recently became a certified fitness nutrition specialist as well.”

Haughey likes to practice what he preaches, too. He works out at least four days a week, if possible, plays hockey and when it’s in season, he likes to jet ski. The former college football player said he feels some aches and bruises from his fitness days, but overall stays healthy to be there for his clients.

“There are definitely days where I certainly do not feel my age and my body feels a bit slower from my past sports history and playing collegiate football,” he said. “I do make it a priority to routinely get a physical and blood lab work done every year to make sure I know my numbers and keep track of how my body is doing.”

Haughey also leads by example with his diet. “I try to make sure I am eating whole foods, lots of veggies, fruits, complex carbs, and protein to make my body perform at its top level, and replenish what I burn,” he said. “Like most people, there are times where I can go on a bender and end up losing control of what I eat and how much. Especially if we have something I like at home, that we typically don’t have, and it is left on the counter for me to see every time I walk by.”

With the New Year looming, as well as plenty of the resolutions that come with it, he hopes that everyone sees it through. “Being able to set goals and start slow will create a progression that will help you get comfortable with the changes and endeavors you are undertaking,” he said. “You will be able to have better success and better chances of sticking with new routines. Another piece of advice is that it does take time and that you should not get discouraged. The more you invest in reaching your goal, the greater the reward in the end.”


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