Three easy ways to save your sanity this holiday

Remember when the holidays were fun? Like, when you were a kid? It’s time to experience that child-like wonder again.

Here’s how:

  • Decline some invites. You can party all night if you’re a Kardashian but in the real world, most of us have to get up the next day to work, watch children, prepare for the holidays and more. If you feel guilty about missing out, schedule a lunch date in the new year with the people that you wanted to see at the party.
  • Ditch traditions that suck the life out of you. If baking and decorating sugar cookies until the wee hours of the morning is killing your joy, consider alternatives to buying some from a bakery or using a pre-made cookie dough. The kids can still decorate the cookies but you won’t have to spend so much time baking them. Think about what traditions can be scratched or how a new, less-time consuming tradition can be added without too much revolt from the family.
  • Ditch the holiday cards and newsletters. Try something more personal and call cherished family and friends instead. Do it while you’re doing dishes, walking the dog or wait ’till the New Year to catch up.

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