Success! Story: Shelly Hunter, of Lansing

Shelly Hunter, 37, of Lansing was tired of being out of shape, overweight and living an unhealthy life. For the past year she’s been hard at work, eating smart and working out and as a result, she’s lost 103 pounds. “I feel better than I have my whole life,” she said. “My energy level is high, I rarely cry, and mood is often positive and happy.” Here’s why:

What made you feel like you needed a healthy lifestyle change? It was the combination of feeling sluggish, GERD daily, and being questioned if I was pregnant, among other reasons.

How did you start your new lifestyle? I was told about Medical Weight Loss from a co-worker, so I set up a consultation. After talking it over with my husband, I decided to sign up the next week. I officially started my weight loss journey 10/31/16 after doing a week of “my last suppers” full of horrible food.


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How is your support network?  Do you think they’re important? The Medical Weight Loss Clinic was a great source of support.  At least three days a week I would weigh in, making me accountable. I had the opportunity to talk about my struggles. Another thing that helped was the clinic manager was also a success story — losing 120 pounds with the program.  She showed me that it does work if you follow the program.

How is your diet? Over the year I have completely changed my eating habits and omitted too many things to mention. For breakfast, I make a veggie egg white omelet and have oatmeal with natural peanut butter. I have two snacks during the day which varies, but it’s usually hard boiled eggs or tuna with some kind of fruit. Lunch is some kind of lean protein with vegetables and a healthy starch, such as brown rice. Dinner isn’t much but vegetables, plain greek yogurt and a small portion of protein.

Do you ever cheat on your diet? I always have desires to cheat but never do because I NEVER want to go back to the way it used to be! When presented with temptation, I eat whatever healthy snack is available to curb that urge.

What’s your typical workout like? After losing all my weight I have enough energy to work out twice a day, six days a week. I work out at Elite Fitness where there is a variety of group classes. My morning classes vary, but I will do spinning three of those mornings and the rest will be circuit training or what is called HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

How has fitness helped you with your lifestyle? I added workout classes to my healthy diet in February and have accelerated the weight loss process. My goal at this point is non-scale victories such as more tone and definition, ability to do pull ups and push ups, as well as maybe a size or two smaller in pants. My co-workers, Medical Weight Loss team, Elite Fitness community, husband, and family have given me so much support and encouragement along the way and continue to do so.

Any advice to those who are struggling? I spent too much time being my worst enemy and feeling stuck in my fat, depressed state that I had no other choice. I would say to myself after attempts to lose weight, well screw it I’m already fat so why not enjoy what I eat. It was this lifestyle that kept me from succeeding. Weighing in showed me that I am losing weight and I just to keep making it through each day and make good choices. I want to inspire and support anyone that is ready to make that change.


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