Fit Feature: Laingsburg’s Shawn Baynes

Shawn Baynes, 42, of Laingsburg, wants to finish in the top half of the Ausable Canoe Marathon next summer. It’s the top fitness goal for the high school teacher.

“My goals are almost always performance-based goals,” he said. “I work out because I like the way it makes me feel. I have always been an athlete; however, I was an average athlete, at best. I had to work very hard to be good. That work ethic has become a habit for me and I have missed very few workouts since middle school. My greatest workout asset is my consistency.”

He said he converted his garage into a gym in order to get like-minded individuals around him to help him meet his goals.

“In order to keep motivated, I surround myself with like-minded individuals who want to improve themselves,” he said. “I am always looking for workout partners. Currently, I have six friends that train with me at my house and it helps keep me going.”

He said his workouts vary from CrossFit style workouts to running and powerlifting. The canoe race is 120 miles long. Baynes eats a Paleo diet but allows himself time for treats.

“I have a cheat day twice a week,” he said. “When I have the urge to cheat it is usually for something sweet at night. Lately, I have been eating grapes at night to replace that urge.”

Baynes also keeps up with active kids, all of whom compete in sports. “All of us work out regularly together in my garage and we play games and sports regularly,” he said.

His advice: “When you make goals, sign up for events that support your goal as soon as possible and tell others. People will help hold you accountable.”


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