Fit Feature: Brandi Johnson, of Mason

Brandi Johnson, 38, of Mason, is this month’s cover. She’s a married mother of two children, Issac, 12, and Ivy, 7, who works as a full-time health and wellness coach with BeachBody, a blogger (, with a side business in home design and remodeling.

“Working out for me began as a way to gain confidence with body image issues, but it really was for my health,” she said. “Genetics don’t lie and at 35, I had cholesterol and blood pressure on the rise despite not being overweight. I knew I wanted to be proactive with my health, and not reactive. It’s funny, even now I don’t love working out but I love the way I feel, and it’s a habit. It’s now just a necessary part of my day.”

Johnson, who suffers from Lyme disease, has had to modify her workouts.

“I love all workouts but my favorites include weightlifting,” she said. “Prior to Lyme disease, I could do most any workout without a second thought. These days, my workouts are less intense, shorter time frames, and a lot less jumping due to my knees.”

Johnson said Lyme disease affects people differently. She’s suffered from joint issues.

“ I start each day feeling better but often walk like a much older person by nighttime. It seems counterproductive to work out with joint issues but I find as long as I don’t overdo it, it actually helps the lubrication of my joints. Plus, the mental release is very much needed for any chronic illness.”

Johnson has a healthy diet, with a little bit of dark chocolate. “I’ve also found that what I eat also really affects the inflammation in my joints as well,” she said. “I didn’t come into my fitness journey with a huge physical weight loss journey, it was a mental journey. It’s given me confidence, strength, wellness, a place to leave my frustrations, and most importantly, the tools to thrive even in the midst of some of life’s greatest challenges.”

She said her blog has been a nice release, too.

“Creating a blog, coaching others through their fitness journey, sharing my journey on social media is such a wonderful way to connect with and help others,” she said. “If I can share my journey — the good, the bad, and the ugly— and show one more person that if “I” can do this, they can that makes it all worth it.”


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