Fit Feature: Holt’s Stefanie Clutten

Stefanie Clutten, 33, of Holt, is an orthopedic physician assistant who loves to exercise.

“Being active is a way of life for me, not a burden,” she said. “Not only do I feel great physically from working out, but it is my time to decompress,”

Clutten said she likes to mix up her workouts as much as possible. This usually means you can find her in the gym, running on a track, or riding her bicycle.

“I like to do a variety of activities and mix it up throughout the week and seasons,” she said. “I road and mountain bike in the summer, usually coupled with running for triathlon training. I do Crossfit one or two times per week. I love to mix cardio and strength intervals on my own at home.”

As the mother of two young children, she said it’s important for her to take care of herself and find a balance for family life.

“Being active and fit is a priority for me and my husband,” she said. “I am my best self, wife, and mother when I am happy and healthy, and for me working out is a critical piece.”

She said she eats healthy as much as she can, making sure to make homemade dinners.

“I eat within moderation and don’t set a lot of hard limits on what I eat,” she said. “Being active, I feel I can have treats within reason. Things are less tempting when I don’t see them as off limits.”

Clutten said that she, and her husband, Ian, like to do fitness dates. “Instead of getting a babysitter to go out to eat, we get a sitter to go mountain biking or on a long run together,” she said. “We train for events together and have a competitive streak going.”

She said she’s currently training for a trail marathon that takes place in Moab, Utah, this November.

Her advice “Find what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing,” she said. “Explore activities until you find something you spend all day looking forward to. Find partners who support and encourage you. Working out with a friend makes it all the more enjoyable. Lastly, never compare yourself to others because everyone’s journey is different.”


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