Fit Feature: Stacey Foote

Stacey Foote, 30, of East Lansing, is a busy mom. Not only is she married, but she’s also a voice and piano teacher with a side hustle as a health and fitness blogger at

Foote, who has been a competitive runner from the age of 11 through college, has kept in shape with triathlons, strength training and a healthy diet.

“I discovered the powerful benefits of strength training,” she said. “I love that it keeps my hormones balanced, helps support my thyroid function (a constant battle since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis), and has made me stronger and leaner than I ever was when I was only running.”

She said she also practices yoga, which has helped her heal from years of chronic repetitive motion and overuse.

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“One of my biggest motivators to continue training and staying fit is all of the energy that it gives me for my family,” she said. “I want to be active with my son, really playing with him and feeling motivated to do fun things.”

She said her diet is pretty simple: She sticks with real food.

“I don’t like to make it any more complicated than that,” she said. “Listen to your body’s cues of hunger and thirst, and then fuel it with delicious, real food. Personally, I do try to stay away from gluten, dairy, and soy, as it does really make a difference in my thyroid numbers, and keeps my digestive system happy, but there is no one food I will never eat (life without scones is probably not worth living).”

She has some pretty simple goals for the future too. “I’d like to continue getting stronger through strength training,” she said. “It doesn’t come easily to me, so it takes lots of consistent work. I’d really like to be able to do five pull-ups.”

Her advice for others: “I would encourage someone who is struggling to stop focusing on what they look like and start focusing on what they feel like,” she said. “It will empower you to slowly begin making more choices that make you feel great instead of choices that make you feel lousy.”


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