Fit Feature: Lansing’s Sarah Adams

For Sarah Adams, when it comes to being fit, deployment in the Middle East is no excuse for letting herself slide. Adams, 29, of Lansing, is part of the Michigan Air National Guard and uses fitness as a means to stay healthy and on top of her game.

“Being part of the military is a huge motivation factor,” she said. “I remind myself that the Air Force pays me to be physically fit, so why not have fun with it? As a cop in the Air Force, I need to be a reliable member in the unit and be able to handle the physical and mental stresses of the job.”

Adams is scheduled to return to Lansing soon, where she works as an inventory specialist at Peckham, Inc. She said she’ll return to taking hot yoga classes, which she used to prepare for her deployment.

“I found hot yoga to be very challenging and was interested to see how my body would benefit from it. To prepare for my deployment, my goal was to attend five classes a week so that I could build a strong foundation.”

She said she currently avoids fried foods, lifts weights, and wants to maintain her level of fitness for a long time.

“I have always loved being active, and as I grow older I will never stop moving,” she said. “Being in the military, it is important to be physically fit to be successful. It gives me confidence to know I am prepared for anything. I am also glad to be part of Team Red, White and Blue, the Lansing Chapter, as there are always opportunities to work out with somebody, or to attend a social event. Fitness will always be part of my life.”

Her advice for others: “Listen to your body,” she said. “Figure out what works for you by trying out different activities, or challenge yourself to try something new.”


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