Fit Feature: Mason’s Tina Stewart

Tina Stewart, 44, of Mason, is a CSR at Fiedler Insurance Agency. She said she likes to work out to manage her stress, stay healthy and live a longer life.

“I rarely get sick and am very healthy,” she said. “All my labs and blood pressure are right where they should be for my age and activity level.” She said she’s currently running about three to four times per week to train for six half-marathons, as well as a triathlon. She eats very healthy and hopes to continue living a healthy life.

Her advice: “Take one day at a time,” she said. “Focus on smaller goals to get you to the bigger goals. One thing to realize is that life DOES get in the way of training and staying on a schedule. Also, injuries happen. The sooner we realize those things, adapt and accept them, the better it is to jump back on the wagon and keep going. There will always be ups and downs, we just have to continue moving forward, knowing any little bit is progress.”

Donating a kidney to a friend

What makes Tina’s story even more unique and special is that she’s decided to donate a kidney to her friend, Anna Kaschner, 37, of Lansing. Kaschner is currently on dialysis and needing a transplant. An August 2 surgery date is set for later this year.

“It just seems like the right thing to do,” she said. “I want Anna to be able to do the things she loves to do without being tied down to a machine, and to live a longer life feeling stronger and healthier. I also found it as a way to use this situation to bring awareness to living kidney donation. If more people donated, think of the people we could help and save.”

Stewart said she had to get a blood test to make sure she was compatible, with attend lots of meetings with doctors to make sure she’s a good match.

“My goal leading up to the surgery date is to stay as active as possible and increase my hydration as this will be a constant thing I will have to be on top of, having only one kidney,” she said. I have the opportunity to directly impact someone’s life. We should all want to have a mission, a purpose and a way to act on it.”


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