Fit Feature: Williamston’s Arika Hundt-Cole

Arika Hundt-Cole, 35, Williamston, is a stay-at-home mom, part time fitness trainer, a 2017 ambassador for the Michigan Fitness Foundation, and teaches at FlexCity Fitness in downtown Lansing as well as Pure Barre in Okemos.

“I love the juxtaposition of teaching these two completely different styles of classes,” she said. “If I can help a person fulfill a certain goal, it brings so much joy to me. It pushes me to never stop growing in knowledge.” She said her personal workouts, beyond the classes she teaches, take place at home with bands and light weights, always at a time when her two-year-old doesn’t need her. Now training for a marathon, she runs four days a week.

“I work out because it’s therapeutic,” she said. “Days as a stay-at-home mom are really hectic, so when I get some time for me, I like to clear my mind, get a good sweat in, and just let go. It recharges me mentally, every single time. To create balance, I also like to add in yoga. It helps create flexibility, stretches all my tight muscles from running, and makes me work on centering my mind.”

Hundt-Cole said she incorporates other activities into her life, whether it is golf, hikes or keeping up with her husband and child.

“Fitness has also brought some truly amazing people into my life. They challenge me to grow, teach me new healthy habits, and inspire me to be better every single day,” she said. “They are my best friends, my sisters, my motivators to be the best version of me. I cannot imagine my life without the people I’ve met through my different fitness endeavors.”

Her advice for others is to power through the off days.

“Remember that there are days where you struggle, but there are also days where you feel like you could conquer the world, when you are working out,” she said. “Remember those days and the feeling you had when you accomplished something that you once thought was unattainable.”


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