Fit Feature: Lansing’s Carl Flotka

Carl Flotka, 58, of Lansing, has a passion for fitness and martial arts. The owner of Master Flotka’s ATA Martial Arts in DeWitt is applying the methods and discipline he’s taught for 38 years to include running and improve his healthy lifestyle.

“Teaching and training in martial arts has given me the confidence in myself to realize that I can do anything,” he said. “I’ve committed to running a full marathon before I turn 60. This year I will get in a couple of half marathons along with some shorter runs.”

Flotka teaches classes in the morning and evening, using the time to train with the students. He also finds time to run on the Lansing River Trail and works on flexibility, when he can, with a trainer.

He said he’s eating more chicken and fish, with an increase in vegetables to improve his diet. He’s even cut back on chocolate.

“I am far from being a perfect healthy eater, but I am continually working on it,” he said. “I need to be an example to my members and my family, to stay in shape and off the couch. We have many members across the country in the ATA that are in their 60s and 70s, that are in tremendous shape and live a very full active lifestyle.”

He said that he has a very strong support network of mentors, many in the martial arts community, that help him when he needs it.

“Martial arts is a way of life,” he said. “Like a good friend told me, the hardest part is to get moving. Once the shoes are tied, take the first few steps. Once you are moving, you have success! Don’t be afraid to tie up those shoes!”


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