Fit Feature: Ionia’s Kelli Brumbaugh

Kelli Brumbaugh, 31, of Ionia, makes a living out of being healthy and in shape. Brumbaugh is a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, promotional model and student.

“I want to maintain my health for the long term, and keep my energy level high for my busy lifestyle and to keep up with my three kids,” she said.

Her workouts vary in length and intensity, depending on how much time she has in her day. They usually include a mix of cardio, high intensity interval training and weightlifting.

“My workouts are shorter due to less available time, the result of being a busy working mom and wife,” she said. “I am not a two-to-three-hour-in-the-gym person. However, I focus on nonstop continual movement (get breath in between) for best results. I compete in figure competition and used to compete in mountain biking too so my workout goals vary depending on my competition goals.”

Brumbaugh said because of gluten intolerances she has to keep track of what she eats, leaning toward a 70/30 mix of whole foods versus relaxed eating. However, she does like to enjoy a good burger.

“Like every mom in this world, forgetting to eat is normal,” she said. “Especially trying to feed everyone else and staying busy.”

She said she plans on competing in figure bodybuilding because of the way her body changes with her workouts and diet.

“I compete in figure bodybuilding and love to see my body transform,” she said. “It’s like a science project. Do more pushups to get stronger. Do modified style squats to remove cellulite that wants to peak, or add more water to tighten the skin and also remove some visible dehydration pockets.”

Her advice to others is simple: Never quit. “I always tell people to find your passion and find an event to attend: 5K, bike benefit, powerlifting meet, or competition,” she explained. “Having a date in mind to strive toward makes you physically strong as a person and also mentally stronger. Accomplishing a goal is a huge reward and can boost anyone’s confidence through phases in life. You may have a period of not being as focused and need to step back for a quick period, but never give up. You never want to look back at life and say that I wish I tried harder.”


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