Fit Feature: Dansville’s Todd Baker

Todd Jarvis Baker, 54, of Dansville, has found fulfillment in making sure he lives a healthy lifestyle. He said he found a passion for fitness when he started weightlifting at 14 to accomplish personal goals set for himself for high school football and wrestling. He has fought in mixed martial arts, currently trains three days a week on a total gym system, and remaining days he engages in a heavy bag and speed bag workout.

“Working out has given me peace of mind and body knowing that I’m striving to live life to the fullest of my potential,” he said. “Training has been a part of my life for so long that it is a complete part of me. Cheating on my diet or workout is only cheating myself.”

Baker, who is an inspector for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, said he avoids sugar and eats the healthy meals his wife likes to cook. Fitness, he said, has given him a great outlook on life.

“It has given me the confidence to overcome the situations and challenges that enter my life,” he said.

His advice for others: “Through fitness we can take control of something that no one can take away from us,” he said. “Find a fitness goal that you can accomplish throughout your life time and be happy that it is yours.”


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