This is your life, 300 yoga classes later

Do you have a healing activity that is efficient, effective, and comprehensive for your health and fitness?   Is it sustainable, always a challenge, yet accessible when you are injured, and possible when you are not feeling well?

Since 2013, Greater Lansing has had access to the health benefits of the authentic Bikram Yoga method and lineage.  Many of your fellow mid-Michigan residents have now experienced the long-term benefits from their practice.

I sat down with Sarah Cook, 34, of St. John’s, Michigan, to learn of the benefits she has created since March 2014.  It is nothing short of amazing.

In her own words, “Just do it.  Your body will thank you.”

Year 1:

“Before I started yoga, I had gotten a bone bruise (near-fracture) close to my knee, and after four weeks on crutches, I was supposed to do physical therapy.  Instead, with permission of my specialist, I practiced Bikram Yoga three times a week for six weeks.  After that, the specialist said I was completely healed, I did not need any physical therapy, and she would not need to see me anymore.

“In my first year of yoga I lost 30 pounds….and I have kept it off!  I used to gain about five pounds every winter, but now it doesn’t stick with me anymore.

“I had several previous wrist sprains and injuries and had so much pain I could not use scissors.  Within a few months of practicing, I could use scissors again and the pain was gone.

Year 2:

“My need for asthma medication was drastically reduced.  Before Bikram Yoga I was taking a daily inhaler at 220 mcg every day – sometimes twice a day.  I now take half of that dose, and I only need it an average of once a week!

“My sciatica also went away.  Before yoga I could hardly carry my toddler for a minute without intense pain.  After practicing regularly, I was able to carry her an entire mile without pain.

Year 3:

“I recently went through a Candida overgrowth and hormone imbalance.  I treated it with a massive change in my diet, and that was very difficult.  I had a lot of anxiety and depression as a result of making these changes so quickly.  Practicing Bikram Yoga not only helped my hormones balance out quicker, but it made it possible for me to take a complete break from the stress and cost of meal planning and preparation.

“Despite my asthma, my lung capacity has always been slightly above average (111 percent before yoga).  But now, 3 years into yoga, it has increased to 116 percent.”


Ann Chrapkiewicz, M.A. (Medical Anthropology, MSU), is owner and mentoring senior teacher at Bikram Yoga Capital Area.  She is also founding director of the Ten Percent Project, a non-profit dedicated to communicating the accessibility of the Ghosh and Bikram Yoga traditions.  Learn more and contact Ann through WWW.BYCA.YOGA.

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