Fit feature: Michael Morgan, of Eaton Rapids

Michael Morgan, 54, of Eaton Rapids, has figured out the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. As the owner of Mid-Michigan Kennels, Inc., and a police K-9 trainer, he takes on strength training three days a week, averages 7,500 yards in the pool, five hours on his bike and trainer with 30 miles of running each week in preparation for Ironman, Mont Tremblant, Canada.

“I think being healthy and staying fit helps you in a variety of areas in your daily life,” he said. “It reduces stress, gives you clarity in thought. I was on high blood pressure medicine five years ago. I no longer have to take it. ”

He found a passion for triathlons after retiring from the Army. In April 2012, for his 50th birthday, he set a goal to run in the Crim.

“I ran all summer and completed the entire Crim,” he said. But he wasn’t done. He’s since completed full Ironmans in Boulder, CO., and Lake Placid, NY, as well as other distance races.

“Crossing that finish line and hearing the announcer say, ‘Mike Morgan, you are an Ironman,’ was an amazing experience and feeling,” he said. In order to compete at such a high level, Morgan said he eats a healthy diet, avoiding fast and processed foods. Once a week, he said, he has ice cream or cookies, but it doesn’t get out of hand.

His goal is to compete in the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. He said he’s enjoying life and being healthy and believes that anyone can achieve goals if they put their mind to it. “It’s never easy to change your life,” he said. “Not to sound too cliche, but nothing good is easy. Stay your course, surround yourself with people of like mind and goals that will support you.”


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