Fit Feature: Haslett’s Jessica Stemen

Jessica Stemen, 28, of Haslett, is a trainer at State of Fitness in East Lansing. Stemen is a firm believer in eating healthy and staying active.

“There are many important things in life and I believe that fitness is one of those things,” she said. “We move every day, and being able to move properly is something that is taken for granted. More and more diseases, issues, life hassles arise when we don’t know how to move. Being fit is not something that should just be for some people, it’s for everyone.”

Stemen studied kinesiology at Michigan State University, where she was on the rowing team, before deciding to become a trainer.

“Being able to impact someone’s day, and life, is huge,” she said. “I feel as though we are on the frontline of health. We work not just with fitness, but lifestyle, mindset, mental strength, nutrition and more.”

Stemen’s passion for health also extends into what she cooks, and she’s gotten very good at it.

“I love to have healthy and tasty food on hand,” she said. “I like to cook and make recipes. To me, it is not hard to live a healthy lifestyle. I can genuinely say I enjoy my lifestyle. But I’ve always been a healthy person, not because I had to but because I wanted to. I definitely have foods that tempt me but most of the time, I shy away from processed food. It doesn’t make me feel good so I pass on that.”

Her advice for those looking to make a healthy change: “A lot of people want to focus on the smallest details when in fact, we need to focus on the bigger things, the simple things, the “not so cool” things. Habits can make or break you. Creating and cultivating healthy habits, that you enjoy, is our main goal!


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