Meet our Jan 2017 Cover Model: Candice Tess

Aerial fitness is a full-body workout that utilizes hanging silk hammocks in a combination of cardio, strengthening and toning moves. It was the perfect thing for Candice Tess, 34, of Lansing, to help her regain fitness after the birth of her twins five years ago.

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“Having twins in 2012, I thought I’d never have core strength again,” she said. “But finding aerial fitness has really helped me regain that. My favorite forms of fitness are dance and aerial arts. I think it’s important to mix things up to keep things interesting and to challenge your body in different ways.”

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Tess, owner of Stilettos and Steel Fitness, said it’s important to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. “There are so many different fitness options these days. Find something that excites you,” she said. “And remember, nutrition is key. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.”


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