2017 Readers’ Choice Selection: Ann Chrapkiewicz, yoga instructor

Ann Renee Chrapkiewicz, 38, is the independent owner of Bikram Yoga Capital Area. While she’s taught the Bikram Yoga method, which is the original hot yoga, for more than 12 years around the state, she’s owned and directed this school for three and a half years. She has about 500 students who she said she knows well enough to be on a first name basis.

“The yoga method we teach and practice demands that we look at our weaknesses very honestly, face our challenges and habits head-on, and transform feelings of inadequacy and comparison,” she said. “I feel that any significant metropolitan area – especially one with a major university – should have access to the Bikram Yoga method and lineage teachers.”

Chrapkiewicz has extensive study and training with several variations of yoga disciplines, speaks regularly about as well as author’s columns. She said she used yoga to heal a fractured vertebrae in her lower spine and eliminate a 10-year eating disorder among other health benefits. She said takes great pride in creating a safe and sustainable beginner’s foundation, before moving on.”

“I require most students to practice 100 classes before moving to a class that is not verbally instructed, and 250 classes before moving to an intermediate set of postures,” she said. “That means no headstands for several years for most people, if at all!  To do more advanced postures safely, a lot of foundational strength, self-discipline, and alignment need to be developed with the guidance of experienced teachers.

Larry Brill, 58, of Okemos, is a pilot that travels the world. His go to is Bikram Yoga because the practice is very rigorously taught and concentrates on learning beginning yoga the correct way before ever moving on to more advanced poses after years of experience or for that matter becoming an instructor. He said Chrapkiewicz is one of the best teachers he’s had.

“My lung function and immunity is better than at any time in my life,” he said. “I am much more flexible than I was in my teens and have been able to progress much further in my strength training routines than I ever though possible. I don’t think this would have happened to this level without Bikram yoga and Ann’s dedicate instruction.”

“I teach just about every day of the week, and on most days I teach more than one class,” she said. “I know every student in every class by name, and I work with them very specifically and individually on their areas of difficulty, injury, and challenge, even though we mostly practice in a group setting.Part of my role is as an observer, as a witness to the profound healing that happens in people’s yoga practice.  Another part of my “job” is to model radical acceptance of the present moment and to guide our responses to it in non-reactive ways.

Chrapkiewicz said she was humbled by her nomination at a Top Fitness Pro. “It is very inspiring to know that my students’ lives have been transformed and improved to an extent that they want to express it publicly,” she said. “My mission and passion in life are to coach, write, think, and educate people about yoga in this tradition, and this feature helps me to do that!  Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.”

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About the Readers’ Choice nomination process

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  1. Aaron Holly, physical therapist
  2. Wendy Stoll, personal trainer
  3. Nate Feldpausch, CrossFit coach
  4. Walter Crockett, personal trainer

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