Boomers: It’s encore time! By embracing all ages, our communities benefit

Michigan is beginning a renaissance of sorts, by retaining talent, acknowledging experience and celebrating the passions of older adults.   Creating a catalyst for living longer and healthier, encore living is happening all over the country.

Most of us have something we can give back to our community; the time has arrived for getting engaged and more active.

Older adults are forming grassroots networks locally, statewide and nationally to figure out ways to remain independent — and in their own homes — for decades to come.

As I say on the radio program it is the activities that promote movement that are fun, that can lead us into our encore lives. Staying in the game of life is a mindset, a lifestyle, and focus.  Together we become part of the solution.

Community activism can build healthier and fitter awareness and our state can become a very different place to age-where wisdom of older adults is valued and matters. Being an ‘age-friendly’ community builds on multigenerational collaboration, spending valuable time outdoors is a key to a healthier lifestyle.  Living in a state with the plentiful natural resources that we have outside our door is such a blessing that sometimes we take it for granted. Don’t!

Encore living, building communities that embrace all ages can only inspire us all to reflect on our potentials and then achieve them. Remember time is our most precious resource of all.

Try these

  • Fun
  • Activities
  • Connectedness
  • Hobbies
  • Love
  • Family and friends


Tom Matt is the host of the ‘Boomers Rock’ radio talk show syndicated throughout Michigan on the Michigan Talk Network and can be heard locally Saturday mornings on the ‘Big Talker’ WJIM 1240 AM. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from MSU,  is certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a CPT/FNS/SFS. For more information please visit


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