Download our mid-Michigan 2015 Race Guide here!

RACECOVERThis month’s special edition features more local races and running events than ever before.

Why? There simply are more races. Everyone is getting into the race craze and we love it!

Healthy & Fit Magazine will celebrate 10 years of publishing in April. Over those 10 years, we’ve seen a lot of races come and go.  And we’ve seen events grow from a few dozen participants to over 1,000 runners. It’s exciting!

Would you like your race to be considered for our list next year? Click here and email us the details.

Each year we comb through the Internet, reach out to our many contacts, and speak to several race directors to compile this list. We talk to local businesses, many of them supporters of specific races and/or various causes, to make sure we’ve covered as many of the events as possible.

Download the 2015 Healthy & Fit Magazine Race Guide Here

And always, we thank those businesses for supporting the races, as well as our publication. The race community is a big family: We want to help promote the local events, and want to give our readers a vast panorama of choices as they choose events they will support with their participation.

The Healthy & Fit Magazine Race Guide is designed to give you the option of taking it out of the magazine so it can be used as a checklist for runners who want to stay active every weekend. It’s music to our ears to hear about cubicles, offices and desks that have our race guide hanging on the wall. 

We hope to take that one step further this year. We’re excited to announce that we will publish our guide online this year as well. For more on that, visit our site at

We also acknowledge that this race guide is not complete. New races appear all the time and while they may not have been available to us by press time (early January) we want to hear from them as the year progresses. With the online version of the guide, race directors will have the opportunity to post information about their event making it available through our website, and next year, be considered for the yearly guide in the magazine. 

Our guide is organized by the distance of the race, with a longer distance event section, and then a 5K and shorter section. So many races now have different route distances to accommodate every style of runner, and almost all of them include a time, and support for walkers. 

Please enjoy the guide. Take it out and share it with as many potential runners as possible. At Healthy & Fit Magazine, we believe hydrating, eating healthy and exercise are the foundation to a healthy life. The events listed in this guide celebrate that same philosophy. We hope to see many of our readers participating in the races.


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