Tips to get Celebrity Fit and Fine for the Summer

Summer is almost here again! Do you wish you could have your favorite celebrity¹s body?  Well, here are 8 tips to help you get fit and fine like a celebrity this summer!

  1. Make sweat a habit!! Commit to doing a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio daily at least 5 times a week. Set a time to do it daily and stick to it to make sure it gets done. Grab a Zumba video, take a kickboxing class, go for a run or hop on the Stairmaster and sweat those pounds away. Sweating consistently by doing cardio daily is key to weight loss!
  2. Abs are made in the kitchen!­ If you want sexy abs , then you have to watch what you eat.  Adapt a clean eating regiment with lean protein (fish, chicken, ground turkey breast) , lots of vegetables, fruit, protein shakes and keep your carbs low.  Aim to eat 5-6 small meals a day to speed up your metabolism and break down fat quickly.  Be sure to keep cheating to a minimum. You won’t be able to fix a bad diet with exercise. Eat clean!
  3. Stay Hydrated ­ You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Avoid sugary and high-calorie drinks such as juice, sodas and alcoholic beverages.
  4. Squat, Squat, squat! Although many celebrities are enhancing their backside with injections, you can do it the natural way with SQUATS! At least 2-3 times of week, you should work your buns by doing 3-4 sets of squats, lunges, dead lifts and leg presses with 12-15 reps each set. Do this consistently and you will have the booty of your dreams.
  5. Lift like a BEAST Find a gym partner and hit the weights. You should engage in weightlifting 3-4 times a week to build muscle as you lean out from your daily cardio. Work a different part of the body each session. Be sure to stretch after each workout.
  6. Make Smart Substitutions Skip the ice cream and grab a yogurt or substitute a club soda for your usual Coke.  Small substitutions make big gradual changes. Be smart with your eating choices.
  7. Invest in a Heart Rate Monitor Push yourself daily in your workouts by monitoring how much you burn.  If you have a heart rate monitor, it allows you to see how hard you are working so that you can challenge yourself to get the best results. Aim to burn 300-500 calories per workout.
  8. Stay Inspired Remain motivated to achieve your goals by following fitness gurus on social media and find inspiration for workouts in fitness magazines and Take advantage of the online resources available. There is a lot of free information on the web that you can use as training materials and to become more educated about appropriate exercises to target your problem areas.

Now let’s work!!! Keep your goals in mind as you work on your celebrity body. Remain focused and consistent. You will be looking like a super star in no time!


written by Akilah C. Thompson. Thompson is a Licensed Zumba Instructor, and Inspirational Speaker. She is the Founder & CEO of her trademark company ACT Inspires Inc and nonprofit, Generations Inspired Inc. Akilah is also a model, actor, and author. Her life goal is to inspire and empower others to be Ambitious, Courageous & Talented.   For more information, please visit Act Inspires.


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