Five ways to get your mojo back

New Year’s resolution lost its luster? Not getting the results you want? Don’t give up just yet! Try these tips to get your mojo back!

Front and Center

“Let a collage of images capture your goals,” says Jessica Smith, certified Wellcoach and star of the “10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body” DVD. “Get creative with magazines, cut out pictures, quotes and numbers –anything that moves you and makes you want to take action!” A visual aid placed in a prominent place will help you stay focused and in the right mindset. When you get tired of seeing the same pictures and quotes, update it with new things that provide inspiration.

Back to the Drawing Board

If you lost your vim and vigor maybe it’s time to be a bit more realistic about your goals. “Think about what you are willing to do, and what you are not,” says Smith. “Create strategies that will help you achieve these goals.” For example, if you’re not a runner and dread each mile but think running a half marathon is the only way to run off the pounds you may be setting yourself up to fail. Remember, physical activity has to be enjoyable. Think long term. Once you meet your new weight goal, you’re going to have to maintain it, which means remaining active. If you would rather start walking then do that instead. Create your own routine or get a pro to advise you. Change your routine often to keep it fun and exciting and incorporate a reward system when you meet your goals.

Life Happens

New Year’s resolutions are a priority in the beginning, but they can slowly move to the back of our to-do list as issues come up like a workout buddy quitting or finding a reliable sitter. Maybe eating healthy is a constant struggle because your co-workers are chowing down on high-fat cafeteria or take-out food. “If you let yourself slide because life keeps getting in the way of your resolutions, it’s time to start thinking about some solutions,” says Smith. Babysitter woes? Do a DVD at home. Find a new workout buddy. Ask your co-workers if they would like to join you in eating healthier. There’s a solution to every problem. Give yourself a fresh start and pledge not to let life’s speed bumps put a stop to your resolutions.

Wake Up Your Body

“If you always do the same thing your body will stop changing,” says Amy Dixon B.S. in exercise physiology and star of the “Give Me 10!” DVD. “You can accomplish this by simply doing a different workout at least one of the days you workout,” says Dixon. Try a new cardio machine at the gym. Add speed and or resistance to your current cardio routine. Don’t let unfamiliar equipment scare you away. Ask a trainer to show you how to use a Bosu ball or kettlebells. If working out at home is your thing, buy or rent different DVD’s to mix things up. “Try strength training one day, dancing the next, kickboxing another and interval training on the last day,” says Dixon. 10 minute-inspired DVD’s are hot right now because recent studies showed that three 10-minute workout sessions provided the same benefit as one 30- minute session.

Check out these titles:

  • “Give me 10” – Perfect for those who only have 10 minute time slots. Do some in the a.m. and p.m.! Includes five 10-minute workouts, including a kettlebell toneup.
  • “Body Rock” – Fun mix of cardio, dance and strength training.
  • “10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body” – Five 10-minute kickboxing-inspired workouts. Weighted gloves included.
  • “Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Striptease.” Get your sexy back in 10 easy steps. Burn calories while building your self confidence.
  • “10 Minute Solution: Quick Sculpt Pilates.” Five challenging 10-minute routines with a toning ball included for added resistance.

Psych Yourself Up

There are some days when you find yourself just going through the motions and that often carry’s over to your workout. “Intensity during exercise is one of the most important concepts that any exerciser should focus on,” says Dixon. “Try to spend at least two days a week associating with your workout and how it feels,” recommends Dixon.  Instead of staring at the TV while on the treadmill, download some energetic tunes and walk with attitude! Conscientiously be aware of how your body is changing right now. Look at yourself when you’re pumping some iron. Show your emotions. Grunt, smile – just focus on the intensity and be proud of the sweat!

written by Lisa Marie Metzler.

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